materials and care

All our jewelry is made of silver, gold-plated silver, stainless steel or titanium, and is certified.


Our jewelry is made of 18K gold plated 925 sterling silver with an electrophoretic coating process. Gold-plated silver jewelry should not be worn on new (just made) piercings, only on fully healed and healthy piercings.

Keep in mind that there are factors that can cause the gold bath to be lost, such as sweating and contact with chemicals (such as perfumes, creams or even our own PH). These are the cares that you must take so that the color of your Benedictina jewels lasts much longer:

  • Avoid sweating with your jewelry.
  • Keep your jewelery away from chemicals such as perfumes, chlorine from swimming pools, alcohol and sea salt.
  • To clean them, use warm water, neutral soap and a brush. If you notice that they have lost their shine a bit, you just have to rub them with a cloth to clean silver jewelry.
  • Keep them in the envelopes that we include with each jewel or in a jewelery box to protect them from external elements that could damage them, such as keys or sharp elements.
  • If you have a very acidic PH (for example, silver jewelry tends to darken quickly ), we advise you to apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish to give the jewelry an extra layer of protection.

It is normal for silver jewelery to darken, it is a natural reaction of silver with oxygen.


The stainless steel we use for our jewelry is 316L stainless steel, the most widely used for body jewelry. It can be used on newly made piercings with no problem. For most people, this material does not cause allergies; however, for those who are very allergic or who can only wear gold, this material can cause discomfort.

Before using them, and to clean them, wash them with a mild antibacterial soap. If they have zircons, do not clean the jewelry with alcohol. Likewise, keep them away from any sharp element that can mistreat them.

We use 18K PVD coating to ensure its golden color lasts for one to two years. For the color to last much longer, avoid contact with abrasive agents such as chlorine, alcohol and acetone.

To clean your steel jewelry, moisten a cloth with warm water and a little mild soap and rub the jewelry until it is clean. Afterwards, rinse it and dry it with a clean, dry cloth.


Titanium is the best material for letting a fresh piercing heal, and the best for those allergic to nickel. The one we use for our piercings is titanium G23 titanium or F136 titanium.

It is necessary that you wash your titanium jewelry whenever you consider it necessary for hygiene reasons. To clean them, soak them in a dish with warm soapy water for a few minutes, rinse the jewels in water and dry them with a dry cloth.