Piercing sizes

Tamaños de piercings

We want you to always find the perfect jewel for you. For this reason, we explain here the different sizes of piercings and for which piercing they are perfect.

Piercings have two essential measurements: the diameter of the ring and the thickness (GAUGE), both measured in millimeters. It is important to know both measurements to ensure that the piercing fits you perfectly. The diameter refers to the inside diameter of the ring and the thickness refers to how thick the stick is that it will fit into your piercing.


Helix piercing: For helix we recommend between 5mm and 9mm. You can choose depending on how you prefer the piercing to be. For example, if you want it to fit very tightly, choose a jewel with an inner diameter of 5mm or 6mm. On the other hand, if you want the ring to hang a bit, we recommend 8mm or 9mm.

Lobe: For the lobe, you can choose any size. From 10mm to 5mm, but you should consider that the 5mm and 6mm should go in the third or fourth of the lobe, because they are very small earrings. The most common sizes for the first lobe are 10mm, for the second lobe 8mm, and for the third and fourth 6mm and 5mm.

Conch: For conch we recommend 10mm or 12mm, depending on the size of your ear and how external the piercing is.

Daith: For daith we recommend 8mm or 10mm depending on the size of your ear and how you want it to fit. If you want the hoop to take up more space in your ear, choose the 10mm one.

Rook: For rook we recommend 6mm.

Forward helix: 6mm

Tragus: 6mm, or if you want the ring to hang more, 8mm.

Nostril and septum: It depends on the size of your nose, but it ranges between 6mm and 10mm. For nostril the most common is 8mm, if you have a small nose then 6mm. Septum the most common is 8mm.


In the descriptions of the piercings you will find both the diameter and the thickness. There are thickness standards for each type of piercing, and depending on which piercing you get, your piercer will use a more or less thick needle. The higher the Gauge, the thinner the thickness.

Conch: Usually it is usually 16G.

Helix: If you go to a piercer, he will usually pierce you with a 16G needle, if with a gun, it will be 18G or 20G.

Tragus: 16G or 18G, 20G.

Daith: 16G, 18G, 20G.

Rook: 16G,18G,20G.

Septa: 14G, 16G.

Nostril: 20G, 18G.

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