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Spring-Summer 2021 Trends

2020 was a year that did not give us time to wear those clothes and looks that had set trends. You couldn't go out like before, much less show what we had bought. Rather, the trend of home office clothing began to be seen, a little looser, lighter and more comfortable. This year has been just a turning point in fashion, it has made us appreciate the essentials, comfort, sustainability, the origin of the garments and consumption. It has been the year of understanding many things around us.
However, the world of fashion does not stop and now 2021 gives way to different trends. Due to the opening of shops, restaurants, bars and trips, it is good to know what is marking at the moment and thus be able to wear all these fashionable clothes and designs. Say goodbye to joggers , sweatshirts, leggings and teleworking clothes.
The spring-summer 2021 trends began to be visible on the catwalks at the end of 2020. Flowers, lace, sequins, metallics, warm colors, among others. This means that it began to be a year with a lot of glam and shine, with details in the seams, marked waists, X-shaped silhouettes, suit vests, and that red color that asks for a step, as Elle Magazine (2020) shows about the trends that are taking place.
On the catwalks you can see how the warm color palettes for summer are beginning to mark, with bright colors that stand out and will attract attention to whoever uses them. Here you can combine very well any of our necklaces and our references with colors such as: IRIS EAR CUFF , LAIMA , LADA , DIVONA , colored Baby Hoop with an up-do with any of our scrunchies .
Spring Summer Collection by Paul Smith, Stella McCartney and AKRIS (from left to right. Photos: Imaxtree )
The inevitable flowers for spring that continue to be in trend and highlight this time of year, it is necessary to continue blooming! For this occasion, as the flowers can be a bit overdone, it would be ideal to use candongas such as the classic Candongas , the braided Candongas , the Mini triple candongas and the Oval Candongas . For the other perforations, it would be best to use one of the polka dots to be too glamorous and relaxed.
Paul Smith Spring Summer 2021 Collection (Photos: Imaxtree )
Infallible pastel colors, a little darker, for any occasion without losing the elegance and delicacy they provide. For this section and taking into account the colors, the most suitable jewelery would be all those related to pearls and a little bit of shine: The chain of the heart and pearls , the Ring with brilliants , Arawa Par , Acala Ear-Cuff , Dangly Perli , Perli and Flori
Stella McCartney (center) and AKRIS (right and left) Spring Summer 2021 Collection (Photos: Imaxtree)
The lace has not been lacking years ago and this one will not. More and more you can see garments such as dresses or skirts that are accompanied by this elaborate and handmade fabric, perfect for elegant and party occasions. As there will be lace on the skin, it is best not to put a necklace, because it will not stand out. But you can use rings that combine too well and here all the ones we have can work. As for earrings, Kamini , Clota , Tara 7mm or Selene 7mm would work great.
Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2021 Collection (Photos: Imaxtree )
Vests have been the garment that has transformed fashion at the end of 2020 and is now a trend in 2021. Different designs, styles and ways of using it at these times of the year. In this case, a thin chain like the chain with the moon , sun , padlock , snake , or flame that stands out with some good rings will make a difference.
Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2021 Collection (Photos: Imaxtree and Vogue )
Black and white continue to show us that they are colors that will never go out of style and will remain a trend. It is necessary to remember that these colors are suitable for any occasion and will always make us look very stylish. That is why our D angly perli , Kumari , Dilga and all other silver colored products would stand out too well.
Spring Summer 2021 Collection Aniye By and Zuhair (Photos: Imaxtree )
Although you haven't gone out to parties so much, 2021 is a year for vindication. For this reason, the trend becomes disco, where metallics, sequins and all the brightest possible garments arrive. As we like to shine at all times, bright and delicate earrings would be too good. This time Kamini , Surya , Astari , Damona , Besna and Iris Ear Cuff would look too good.
Spring Summer 2021 Zuhair and Louis Vuitton Collection (Photos: Imaxtree )
Finally, there are earrings that have the power to reinforce any style, especially for those occasions when we decide to pick up our hair and reveal our ears. It's easy, we make a bow tie and combine it with some good accessories, and what better than a golden Ear Party , with diamonds that highlight our outfit and combine in the best way with these trends.
Our recommendations for spring-summer are ideal for these dates, so that they shine and can be combined with everything.
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