We are already more than 20k!

¡Ya somos mas de 20k!


We are excited to share this news with you.

When I decided to create Benedictina, I did it because I had  several piercings and it bothered me that I could not find cute and feminine jewelry in any store. I never liked those piercings that they sell in specialized stores, so I didn't have the necessary elements to put together my own ear party. Honestly, I never thought I would find so many people who would share my same passion, that of finding the perfect jewel, looking forward to it, seeing it and holding it in my hands for the first time, and finally being able to release it and leave behind that piercing that I didn't it went with my personality.

To create our ear parties it always works for us to see all our jewels.

When we began to select the jewels, my sister, our co-founder, told me excitedly that she wanted to get a thousand holes just to use all the references, and she went from having two to five piercings in less than six months (and she even talks about a daith once the quarantine passes).

Before leaving home, we take the time to choose that combination of earrings that makes us smile as soon as we see it in the mirror. And that is precisely what I always wanted, for that passion to become part of their lives, for them not only to think about clothes and makeup before going out to dinner, to a party or to some special event, but also for ear parties to become in a fundamental complement of their outfits.

Mixing & Matching jewels and piercings for you.

At Benedyctina we are not only inspired by trends, but also by you. Thank you very much for sharing this passion with us. You can't imagine how happy we feel to see all your comments of support and appreciation. You are the real reason why we put so much effort and love into our work. We love being part of your path and that you are part of ours.

Day by day we strive to convey to you the happiness and excitement with which we get up every day to work. Ultimately, you are the reason Benedyctina continues to exist, and we learn from you every time you send us your photos and videos of your own ear parties.

In short, thank you for so much love and support!

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