BENEDYCTINA was born to provide you with good quality and eye-catching earrings. We know that not all of us like the jewelry that can be found in piercing shops, sometimes we want something more feminine, prettier, more in line with our personality, but still of excellent quality to avoid irritation and infections. For this reason, we began to look for those jewelry trends that were marking the world of fashion, and we realized that dangly earrings were here to stay. We are lovers of ear piercings, so all of our jewelry is made to mix and match to find that perfect ear party .
Our jewels are made of high-quality materials, such as silver and surgical steel, so they will not mistreat you or cause allergies. Also, being so light, they are ideal for you to use every day.
We hope you like them as much as we do!



At BENEDYCTINA, our mission is to offer the most beautiful, fashionable, and good quality jewelry to our customers. We are inspired by our passion for fashion and jewelry to select the best pieces.


BENEDYCTINA plans to be the favorite online jewelry store that is ahead of fashion, ensuring that its customers always find the latest trends.


  • Passion: for jewelry and fashion

  • Environmental responsibility: We want to reduce the consumption of plastic, which is why we do not use any plastic for our packaging.

  • Integrity: We offer transparency to our clients with all the information of the jewels and secure purchases.

  • Quality: We make sure to sell the best quality after a rigorous selection process.